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Re: New Package: defrag 0.6-1

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Aaron Wrasman wrote:

awrasman >Unless you fill up a partition at some point, then the only way to
awrasman >defrag the partition is to back it up and then restore it. A way to force
awrasman >defragmenting would be very nice to do if you want to do it. I have a
awrasman >filesystem on my computer that is about 15% fragmented. Instead of doing a
awrasman >backup and then a restore it would nice if I could just do a defragment on
awrasman >it. 
awrasman >
awrasman >This defragment binary though doesn't work on my system. 

That is too bad. Does someone have the time to fix up defrag so that it
works with recent kernels/libraries? I think defrag is quite useful on
intensively used volumes. Defrag is/was part of Slackware as far as I can
remember and I have used it some time ago. I was glad when the defrag
program was recompiled and uploaded to sunsite.

Ext2 has some means of trying to avoid fragmentation but it still
will fragment (of course not as bad as Win95 or DOS).

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