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Re: New Package: defrag 0.6-1

Christoph Lameter writes:

> Package: defrag
> Architecture: i386
> Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
> Description: defragmenter for ext2 minix xiafs file systems
>  As a file system is used, data tends to become more and more scattered
>  over the disk, degrading performance.  A disk defragmenter simply
>  reorganises the data on the disk, so that individual files occupy a
>  single sequential set of disk blocks, and all the free space on the
>  disk is collected together in a single region.  This generally means
>  that reading a whole file is more efficient.

Please note in this description that fragmentation is generally not a
problem in ext2, the default filesystem for Debian Linux.

In addition, `defrag' is not designed to be safe and will destroy your
data if it is interrupted during defragmentation.  In other words,
since ext2 doesn't suffer from excessive fragmentation, nobody uses
xiafs, and minux is only used for floppies, there is no reason for
anyone to use this outdated and unsafe program.


Daniel Quinlan                  http://www.pathname.com/~quinlan
quinlan@pathname.com            quinlan@transmeta.com (at work)

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