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Re: PPPD 2.3 Beta 5 release or not?

Christoph Lameter writes:
-> I have packages pppd 2.3 beta 5. Is rex frozeon or not? If this one gets
-> into rex then we might have some troubles so I am holding it.
-> Major Changes:
-> - Integrated Demand Dialer
-> I could have pppd always come up on boot dialing into the
-> other end on demand. That takes care of the pon,poff scripts.
-> Comments?

Please no!  If I wanted demand dial I would have installed diald or
set up the kernel to do it already.  Possibly ask, but IMHO there's
already enough questions asked when you update a lot of packages at
once :).  How hard is it to set up this demand dial?  Maybe you could
set it up so that it just requires changing a 0 to a 1 in a config
file to set it up?  But certainly don't enable it by default.  That's
not expected of pppd (as opposed to diald).


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