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Re: PPPD 2.3 Beta 5 release or not?

> > It has to be supported by the other end. And compression usually
> > increases the response times on ISDN due to the compression lag.
> > Our ISDN lines always run without compression to have a more responsive
> > link.
> >
> > compression than BSD-Compress.  It does consume more CPU cycles for
> > compression than BSD-Compress, but this shouldn't be a problem for
> > links running at 100kbit/s or less.
> Looks like this is something I don't need. Thanks.

What would be great is dynamic compression.  Thus, compression could
be enabled when the bandwidth requirements start pushing the limits of
the link (say >75% over the past second) and disabled when near idle
(say <25% over the past second).
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    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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