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Re: Bug#5316: msqlperl installs into /usr/local

> bcwhite >When compiling Ferret, I have a line like this in "debian/rules":
> bcwhite >
> bcwhite >       umask 022; make VERBINST=0 PREFIX=$(DEBIAN)/usr install_perl
> bcwhite >
> bcwhite >This puts it in the correct place.  "$(DEBIAN)" is fully qualified, but
> bcwhite >I don't remember if this is strictly necessary or not.
> The strange part is the Makefile generator in PERL that
> depends on some standard module. No idea how to handle the "MakeMaker"
> module. Here is the beginning of that piece:

You don't actually have to.  "MakeMaker" generates a makefile and then
that is the only thing you have to deal with.  If you look through it,
you'll find an rule for "install_perl" that places binaries (such as
Ferret or Msql) in the write sub-dir.  Setting the PREFIX just puts it
in "debian/tmp/usr" instead of "/usr".  The "VERBINST" setting was just
a personal preference.

The line I gave above is directly from the debian/rules for Ferret, which
is a perl extension module I wrote from scratch.
                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
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