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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases [auto-post]

> > It's already been decided than XFree 3.2 will not be part of Rex.
> > Bruce will encourage CD makers to include the 3.2 package from
> > unstable, though, on their CDs.
> Can we consider this again?  BTW, the slowdown is apparently due
> to kernel changes between 2.0.23 and 24 (linux/include/net/sock.h)
> - it's not a problem with X itself.  The original report compared
> different X versions on different kernels - not a good comparison.

Even Stephen Early said he wanted to wait until the next release.
There is always "one more thing" that people would like in the release.
It's not worth delaying rex.  Bruce, Stephen, and myself all feel
that, being such a large and complex package with many depandancies
upon it, it might delay the release of Debian 1.2.
                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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