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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases [auto-post]

Brian C. White:
> > > - Boot disks should contain drivers for more systems/cards (???)
> > 
> > Yes, please - include the 3c90x PCI ethernet driver, if possible
> > (http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/).  These cards seem
> > to be quite common now.
> You'll have to talk to Bruce about that.

OK, cc'ing this mail.

> It's already been decided than XFree 3.2 will not be part of Rex.
> Bruce will encourage CD makers to include the 3.2 package from
> unstable, though, on their CDs.

Can we consider this again?  BTW, the slowdown is apparently due
to kernel changes between 2.0.23 and 24 (linux/include/net/sock.h)
- it's not a problem with X itself.  The original report compared
different X versions on different kernels - not a good comparison.

I know we now have a freeze, but I think the XFree 3.2 upgrade
should be considered a bugfix.


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