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gs, magicfilter, and apsfilter out of sync

I was in the mood to try out magicfilter (I have been using apsfilter), and
discovered the following problem.  I don't even know which package this
should be a bug report for...

magicfilter 1.2-6 reports:

    The following filters are available:

    bj10e bj200 cps300 cps400 cps600 cpsonly300 cpsonly400
    cpsonly600 deskjet dj500 dj500c dj550c epson9 epson9c epsonlq epsonlqc
    ibmpro jetp3852 la50 la75 laserjet laserjetlo lbp8 lj250 ljet2p
    ljet2plo ljet3 ljet4 ljet4l ljet4m ljet4ml ljetplus ljetpluslo ln03 m8510
    necp6 oki182 pj pjxl pjxl300 ps300 ps400 ps600 psonly300 psonly400
    psonly600 r4081 tek4693 tek4696 

and apsfilter 4.9.1-10 reports:

    [ appledmp bj10e bj200 declj250 eps9high epson epsonc escp2
      ibmpro jetp3852 la50 la75 laserjet lbp8 lj250 ljet2p ljet3
      ljet4 ljet4l ljetplus ln03 m8510 necp6 nwp533 oki182 paintjet pj
      pjxl pjxl300 r4081 sparc t4693d2 t4693d4 t4693d8 tek4696
      gs V3.X: st800 ]

but gs-aladdin 4.03-4 reports:

   Available devices:
      x11 x11alpha x11cmyk x11mono deskjet djet500 laserjet ljetplus ljet2p
      ljet3 ljet4 cdeskjet cdjcolor cdjmono cdj550 pj pjxl pjxl300 bj10e bj200
      bjc600 bjc800 faxg3 faxg32d faxg4 miff24 pcxmono pcxgray pcx16 pcx256
      pcx24b pbm pbmraw pgm pgmraw pgnm pgnmraw pnm pnmraw ppm ppmraw tiffcrle
      tiffg3 tiffg32d tiffg4 tifflzw tiffpack tiff12nc tiff24nc psmono bit
      bitrgb bitcmyk pngmono pnggray png16 png256 png16m pdfwrite nullpage  

Now I just happen to have an HP LaserJet 4L.  I can select this device,
ljet4l, in either magicfilter, or in apsfilter.  Unfortunatly, gs does not
provide this driver.  This can be worked around by selecting ljet4, and in
apsfilter setting the default resolution to be 300x300.  Regardless of
possible workarounds though, the developers of these packages should not
provide filters which are supposed to use gs, but that are not provided by
gs.  If magicfilter or apsfilter provide filters for a subset of the
devices provided by gs, that is fine.  They should not provide a superset. 

This means that either gs need to have more drivers compiled into it, or
apsfilter/magicfilter need to provide less.  Regardless, these packages
should be consistent between each other.  Otherwise things will not work
as expected for users, which is a Bad Thing.

Erik B. Andersen        Web:    http://www.et.byu.edu/~andersee/ 
2485 South State St.    email:  andersee@et.byu.edu or andersee@debian.org
Springville, Ut 84663   phone:  (801) 489-1231
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