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Re: WN, $PATH_INFO in CGI scripts, and the Web Standard

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >I just filed a bug on WN. It does not implement $PATH_INFO in any
bruce >sensible manner, although it documents it. It would actually solve all
bruce >of the problems we have with making WN work with the Web Standard if that
bruce >were fixed.
bruce >
bruce >The way NCSA, Roxen, and others handle $PATH_INFO is that they detect paths
bruce >like http://localhost/cgi-bin/foo/bar, and if "foo" is a CGI script, they
bruce >execute it with $PATH_INFO=/bar . Please correspond with the WN author
bruce >about this.

That is what I patched into WN. Nothing to do with WN. I thought that the
behavior must be changed to allow cgi-bin/debian/scriptname

bruce >Under WN you can make any file a CGI script, wherever it lives. Just put
bruce >
bruce >	File=Foo
bruce >	Attribute=cgi
bruce >
bruce >in the "index" file. Thus, if $PATH_INFO worked, you could replace any
bruce >_path_ with a CGI script.

That is not true. You can have the CGI environment prepared for parsing a
document but not for executing a script. All scripts must be named *.cgi
outside of cgi-bin. That is at least how I understand the documentation.

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