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Re: Eli copyright - too restrictive?

kai@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen) wrote:
>This one sounds like a specific, commercial license to a single  
>organization. It doesn't make any sense at all for freeware that I can  
>*Is* this freeware?

As far as I can tell, yes (if you exclude the license, that is :) Source
code is available from several FTP sites -
ftp.cs.colorado.edu:/pub/cs/distribs/eli is the main site, and there are
also copies in Australia and Germany. A quote from the web page
(http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~eliuser/) says:

... Other
   sites also may have copies, and older versions of Eli have been
   distributed on CD-ROM by Prime Time Freeware.

I'll contact the authors at a later stage, asking about the possibility
of changing the license. I get the distinct feeling that the license is
at odds with their methods of distribution.

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