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Re: WN, $PATH_INFO in CGI scripts, and the Web Standard

From: Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org>
> That is what I patched into WN. Nothing to do with WN. I thought that the
> behavior must be changed to allow cgi-bin/debian/scriptname

Do you mean you patched it to make PATH_INFO work? I didn't parse the
above sentence clearly.

bruce >Under WN you can make any file a CGI script, wherever it lives.
bruce> Just put
bruce >	File=Foo
bruce >	Attribute=cgi

> That is not true. You can have the CGI environment prepared for parsing a
> document but not for executing a script.

Right. More document reading... Put this in the index:


It would be better to have an attribute that caused a CGI script to be



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