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Re: Bug#5268: cron dies nightly

> Our machines here seem to be having troubles with cron stopping during the
> wee hours of the morning.
> Unfortunately, we have been unable to pin down the cause.  Apparently,
> something is sending it a "sigsuspend".  Here is the line from "ps -axl":
> 140  0  220  1  0  0  844  120  sigsuspend  S  ?  1.28s  /usr/sbin/cron
> I have been unable to find any information in the log files about this.
> Can anybody else provide some more information or tell me where to look?

Hmm. I've been having problems with cron as well, but I haven't tried a 
ps -axl, so I don't know if we're having the same problem.

Is cron just not running cronjobs anymore? That's what's been happening
to me. 

I noticed that after my cron stops working, if I edit a user's crontab,
cron dies a minute later. Does this happen to you?

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