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Bug#5268: cron dies nightly

> > Unfortunately, we have been unable to pin down the cause.  Apparently,
> > something is sending it a "sigsuspend".  Here is the line from "ps -axl":
> >
> > 140  0  220  1  0  0  844  120  sigsuspend  S  ?  1.28s  /usr/sbin/cron
> >
> > I have been unable to find any information in the log files about this.
> > Can anybody else provide some more information or tell me where to look?
> Hmm. I've been having problems with cron as well, but I haven't tried a
> ps -axl, so I don't know if we're having the same problem.

Well, it turns out that even a working cron is marked as "sigsuspend".
Perhaps it is in the kernel and cron just isn't getting the alarm it
asked for?  Perhaps the bug is that cron fails to create the next
alarm it waits for.

> Is cron just not running cronjobs anymore? That's what's been happening
> to me.

Yup.  It has totally stopped.  I tried adding to my crontab file and none
of the commands got run until I stopped and restarted cron.

> I noticed that after my cron stops working, if I edit a user's crontab,
> cron dies a minute later. Does this happen to you?

I don't think so, but I didn't check very closely for that.  I'll take
a closer look next time it happens.
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