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Re: Debian WWW standards version 2.0

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) wrote:
>1.1 Serving Debian Documentation
>A primary purpose of the WWW server and browser on a Debian system is to
>provide access to all available Debian documentation. This implies several
>	A. WWW configuration must be automatic.
>		Since the user is reading documentation via WWW, we
>		must provide that user with a WWW configuration that
>		works correctly right away, without any configuration
>		on the user's part.

[rest snipped]

Sorry to come in so late on this, but I this looks very much like a very
large sledgehammer to me. On my home system (ignoring for the moment the
fact that only dpkg so far has installed html files - probably because
that's the only package I've really kept up-to-date, apart from those I
maintain), if I need to look at a html file, I just fire up Lynx in the
appropriate directory:

lynx index.html

or something like that. Works fine for me. If I'm not in the right
directory, something like:

lynx /usr/doc/dpkg/programmer/index.html

should also work (though I haven't really had occasion to check it out :)

Who needs Netscape, anyway? :)

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