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Re: Debian WWW standards version 2.0

Stuart Lamble wrote:
> Sorry to come in so late on this, but I this looks very much like a very
> large sledgehammer to me. On my home system (ignoring for the moment the
> fact that only dpkg so far has installed html files - probably because
> that's the only package I've really kept up-to-date, apart from those I
> maintain), if I need to look at a html file, I just fire up Lynx in the
> appropriate directory:
> lynx index.html
> or something like that. Works fine for me. If I'm not in the right
> directory, something like:
> lynx /usr/doc/dpkg/programmer/index.html
> should also work (though I haven't really had occasion to check it out :)
> Who needs Netscape, anyway? :)

I use elvis.  It is very lightweight, makes a great local html browser for
everything except images.  It also happens to make a great editor... 
Install elvis, and then to browse html, you type: 'vi index.html' to follow
a link, you move or tab to the link and hit enter.  I agree though...
Netscape is a bloated hog, and though it is good for certain things,
reading local html docs is DEFINATLY not one of them.

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