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Re: Bug#5209: exmh destroys my inbox

truemper@MI.Uni-Koeln.DE (Winfried Truemper)  wrote on 02.11.96 in <Pine.LNX.3.95.961102163726.19529A-100000@elfi.MI.Uni-Koeln.DE>:

> On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Larry 'Daffy' Daffner wrote:
> vizzie> system spool to the mh folders.  Should rm also warn you that it's
> vizzie> going to remove files in a big warning message?
> Nonsense. "rm" is for deleting files so it's ok when it deletes them.
> Nobody will wonder about that.
> BTW, many people have the file "-i" in important directories so they are
> not deleted by an "rm -rf" but a warning message is printed instead.
> "exmh" is a mail-reader and the expected behaviour is that it _reads_
> mail.

Perhaps I'm stupid.

But it seems to me that the (ex)mh behaviour is very similar to that of  
most other MUAs, like, say, elm - it moves mail from the system mailbox to  
its own mailbox system.

Actually, that is exactly what I expect a MUA to do.

Just what is it I'm overlooking here?

MfG Kai

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