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switchd's section (admin/misc)

I am pkging switchd and i wanted to ask you if it should go into
'misc' or 'admin'
here is the Description: for it

Description: a daemon to switch vcs after console inactivity
 This is a little daemon that monitors keyboard activity on the
 console and will switch to a specified virtual console after a
 specified period of inactivity.  This is useful if you run some
 kind of system status program like top or procinfo on a vc or
 syslogd loging on console, xdm login screen etc.., and want that
 screen to be visible when no one is using the console.  With this
 daemon, if someone logs onto the system on the console but forgets
 to switch back to the status vc after logging out, the daemon will
 automatically switch it back for you.


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