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Re: WWW configuration close-to-final proposal

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >The ROM web space will have symmetrical path names with the writable one.
bruce >These will be
bruce >
bruce >	/usr/lib/web/webspace
bruce >	/usr/lib/web/cgi-bin
bruce >
bruce >The current /usr/lib/httpd and /usr/lib/dwww (attention Lars!) will be
bruce >moved into the ROM paths above, except for their run-time generated data,
bruce >which will be moved into /var/web/webspace .
bruce >
bruce >Subdirectories can and should be created by packages in the web
bruce >directories.
bruce >
bruce >The directory /var/web/ROM will exist. Symbolic links from /var/web to
bruce >other locations must be handled in a special manner. These symbolic links
bruce >will exist:

This does not work. You said that /var/web/webspace is the server root.
Please tell me what paths the installed webtools can rely on. That is the
important thing. I need to have an address of the form
http://hostname/directory/filename which I dont have with your proposal.
The ROM space cannot be reached.

bruce >	/var/web/ROM/webspace -> ../../usr/lib/web/webspace
bruce >	/var/web/ROM/doc -> ../../usr/doc
bruce >	/var/web/ROM/cgi-bin -> ../../usr/lib/web/cgi-bin
bruce >
bruce >THE THREE SYMBOLIC LINKS ABOVE. This facilitates moving /var/web elsewhere,
bruce >and allows us to check symbolic link security with an automated script.

You need to define paths in webspace that will give us locations for files
we need and their real locations i.e.

http://host/cgi-bin   -> /usr/lib/web/cgi-bin for ROM /var/web/cgibin for user

http://host/xxxx      -> /usr/lib/web/xxx ?

bruce >(should we make a package just to set up /var/web and these symlinks?)

I think each server should provide a script called


that will do a server specific way of setting up the links. See my example
with WN prior. Right now the dwww package is guessing which webserver is
installed and what that webserver needs.

WN needs this call because it needs to preprocess all directories that
were installed with the index.cache to allow access. Other servers might
have other issues. The link setup is highly server specific and thus the
server should provide a script to do it.

bruce >The "dwww" package (attention Lars!) should install a
bruce >/var/web/webspace/index.html if none exists. This should provide a link
bruce >to the Debian Documentation page provided by "dwww". Other packages should
bruce >do all they can to make sure that the Debian documentation doesn't become
bruce >inaccessable when they are installed.

The index.html is the matter of the webserver and not the tools of
which a number could be installed. They all might need some reference from

bruce >I have not made any determination on the path name of WWW cache data.
bruce >I don't believe the cache daemons have any need to interoperate with
bruce >each other, so this can be left to the cache daemon maintainers.


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