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WWW configuration close-to-final proposal

Here is the close-to-final WWW configuration proposal.
My apologies to the people who have not had it their way.

In making this decision I put the weight on the side of the
NON-www-server-literate user rather than the WWW site administrator.
This is a result of our decision a while back that the unification of
Debian documentation would be carried out under the umbrella of HTML,
and thus that the Debian documentation browser would be a web browser.
I want to make everything work well out of the box for the person who
is using WWW to read local documentation and does not know a thing
about configuring servers. The more knowledgable WWW site
administrators are well-able to take care of themselves.

A fixed path set in /var will be used for the document root and cgi-bin
paths. This is


The user may symlink this somewhere else, but Debian packages will treat it
as if those are real directories and the files really live there.

The ROM web space will have symmetrical path names with the writable one.
These will be


The current /usr/lib/httpd and /usr/lib/dwww (attention Lars!) will be
moved into the ROM paths above, except for their run-time generated data,
which will be moved into /var/web/webspace .

Subdirectories can and should be created by packages in the web

The directory /var/web/ROM will exist. Symbolic links from /var/web to
other locations must be handled in a special manner. These symbolic links
will exist:

	/var/web/ROM/webspace -> ../../usr/lib/web/webspace
	/var/web/ROM/doc -> ../../usr/doc
	/var/web/ROM/cgi-bin -> ../../usr/lib/web/cgi-bin

THE THREE SYMBOLIC LINKS ABOVE. This facilitates moving /var/web elsewhere,
and allows us to check symbolic link security with an automated script.

(should we make a package just to set up /var/web and these symlinks?)

The "dwww" package (attention Lars!) should install a
/var/web/webspace/index.html if none exists. This should provide a link
to the Debian Documentation page provided by "dwww". Other packages should
do all they can to make sure that the Debian documentation doesn't become
inaccessable when they are installed.

I have not made any determination on the path name of WWW cache data.
I don't believe the cache daemons have any need to interoperate with
each other, so this can be left to the cache daemon maintainers.



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