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Re: stability of non-free?

'Heiko Schlittermann wrote:'
>For a long time now I wonder why contrib and non-free are out of stable
>and unstable.  Shouldn't the structure be somewhat reorganized have
>somewhat _like_:
>        stable ---+---- free     (or supported, or ...)
>                  +---- contrib
>                  +---- non-free
>        unstable -+---- free
>                  +---- contrib
>                  +---- non-free

There have been two posts saying why not, but so many don't understand
that I'll add my "no" to the chorus:  NO!  Hiding non-free under other
directories make it harder for CD vendors to notice it and avoid
problems.  The suggestion of having stable/unstable under the non-free
directory is the only acceptable change.  Its main problem is who will
maintain it?  Is the distinction sufficient?  Does it matter enough?  I
have no strong opion on this, but lean slightly toward leaving the
status quo alone (Simplicity :).

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