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Re: new kernel/boot builders (fwd)

Simon Shapiro wrote: 
> Where are these patches?  i can integrate them if anyone asks for them.

The NexGen patch is  at http://www.cantrip.org/linux.html, but it is still
listed as ALPHA ... out!

The Cx486 patch is at: ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/kernel/patches/
and it is against v0.99 and works only with a AHA-1542 (cache coherency!) ...

The Cx5x86 patch is at: ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/kernel/patches/
and this one is just a kernel module to manipulate the internal settings
of the 5x86 ... good, should be easy to include.

A newer patch for the Cx5x86/6x86 was posted to the kernel list but it
applies to v2.1.5...

> There is NO ROOM on the CD for anything.  The current 1.1.11 CD is 643MB.
> The 1.2 is 647, WITHOUT any kernels!

So it looks that we will have to define a standard distribution and have
to list everything else as optional software, which could be distributed
on a second CD or be omitted without being accused of crippling Debian.

Dominik Kubla
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