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Re: default font problems with sharefont and freefont

>     Christoph> How do I set the default font under X? Sharefont and
>     Christoph> freefont install fonts that are subsequently taken by
>     Christoph> some applications as their default font but these fonts
>     Christoph> are not really suitable for the purposes the
>     Christoph> applications use them for.
> I don't have these font packages installed, so I do not know if they
> create their own directories for fonts, if they don't, they probably
> should.  Then you'll just have to put those dirs at the end of your fontpath.

I originally reported this problem to Christoph Lameter, but your fix
doesn't seem to work. Freefont and sharefont do install into their own
directories, and those direcotries are at the end of my fontpath, and yet
I still have the problem he describes above.

#!/usr/bin/perl -i\$q='$q',\$p='$p';eval\$q.\$\^I\n"#  #  jeh22@cornell.edu
$q='print"$p$^I\n',$p='#!/usr/bin/perl -i';eval$q.$^I  #          Joey Hess
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