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Bug#4673: ppp insecure


Ian Jackson in Debian-Bug#4673
> Furthermore, I have doubts as to whether pppd was designed to be
> installed setuid.  Are there any facilities for limiting which options
> can be set by unprivileged users, and if not why are they not
> documented ?

I checked this in source and I'm not sure about it. The connector and
disconnector (chat) scripts are run in user context. ip-up and down which
are run by root are not configurable by th user. With the global options
file you can prevent the user from setting the default route (-defaultroute)
and from picking a random our_name (Together with requiring auth I think
this might prevent picking random addresses as long as there is no wildcard
entry in pap/chap secrets, yes?).

This means:

should stop most danger from local user avle to execute SUID pppd. But I'm
not sure about that topic (cc: linux-ppp@vger.rutgers.edu).

> It seems likely to me that pppd wasn't designed for setuid use and
> that installing it setuid will allow any user to get root by for
> example having pppd write logs to unusual places or whatever.

The 'only' thing I can think of are 'unsecure' /etc/ppp/options files which
allows local users to damage routing, arp or add 'new local addresses'.

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