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Re: a study topic for advanced maintainers

| Dale Scheetz notes:
| On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:
| > E: Solve the problem in some other creative fashion.
| >
| I have a problem to solve that parallels the installation problem and
| may provide a general solution for new installations.
| First, I should point out that upgrading/installing Debian is no
| problem under the current setup if you already have a Linux system
| running. I say this to point out that the fundamental installation
| problem is centered around the transition from a DOS based system into
| a Linux based one.

This is certainly an important installation
path.  But I'd like to echo a previous
comment that there are significant numbers of
us who don't have DOS and don't want to have
to buy a copy just to boot Linux.

I built three Linux boxes earlier this year
starting with parts I ordered, a borrowed Linux
CDROM, and boot/root floppies filched from I
forget where.  This was my direct experience with
Linux!  Having to buy and install DOS before I
could start wrestling with Linux proper would
have been a real drag.

That said, I'd agree that being able to try out
Linux on a DOS box with an absolute minimum of
effort would likely greatly accellerate the growth
of the Linux community!

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