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Bug#4747: xpaint not in Packages file

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: 1.1.8 - 1.1.11 (at least)

I've been told that Packages files are updated automatically now.
There seems to be a bug in this procedure, for xpaint is missing
in the various Packages files and cannot be installed by dselect,
since it does not show up in its listing.
It would make the whole distribution more stable, if the consistency
of the Packages files could be guaranteed in that
a) all of the packages present have automatically an entry in
the respective Packages file
b) all the packages mentioned in the Packages files are really
by dselect (cf. outstanding bug #4378)

Thanks for your efforts!! 

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sorry for the late answer, i was in some hurry... :-)

On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Stuart Lamble wrote:
> Hmm. A simple, albeit hackish, solution to this problem could be to include
> a copy of base.tar.gz somewhere on the CD-ROM. A DEBIAN.EXE program for
> Messy-DOS users could be run to select certain parameters for starting up
> Linux, and then call Loadlin. Root partition would be the CD; 

the current installation guides on m68k-linux essentially tell the same.
there exists a filesystem image as tar.gz file. booting linux
by bootstrap.ttp, with various parameters, root is a ram-disk,
the msdos partition with the fs-image.tar.gz is mounted and the
archive is unpacked to the desired place.

i don't think this is hackish. this is beautiful, as it is simple
and works like a charm :-)

> >- after pressing 'i' the dependencies are checked. problems with
> >  the dependencies are shown by the resolve-screen, just as 
> >  nowadays, but without the help screen.
> I disagree. Dependancies (IMO) should not be checked until the user has
> said, "Ok, I'm done." 

this is what i mean with "after pressing 'i'" 


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