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Re: My installation story

Juergen Menden <menden@informatik.tu-muenchen.de> wrote:
>On 30 Sep 1996, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
>> Creating the installation disks
>> Debian needs more disks than the distributions, I have handled until now.
>> Other distributions are able to install from NFS, even the base system.
>> With debian, you need to install the base system from floppy disk, after
>> that, you may access a cdrom or a NFS server (but: see below regarding the
>> installation of the NFS module).
>i consider this as a number one problem. the solution to this
>seems somewhat simple, even though the work to be done might 
>be real hard. the problem is, that dselect doesn't use the
>--root flag of dpkg (if dpkg can now handle the problems with

Hmm. A simple, albeit hackish, solution to this problem could be to include
a copy of base.tar.gz somewhere on the CD-ROM. A DEBIAN.EXE program for
Messy-DOS users could be run to select certain parameters for starting up
Linux, and then call Loadlin. Root partition would be the CD; it would
install the base Debian stuff, then reboot so the user can select the
rest. Or perhaps just go straight into dselect for this installation.

This sounds rather like Redhat's system, doesn't it? :-) (I tried Redhat
once, it mangled my already Disk Mangled(tm) partitions requiring a full
repartition of the 850MB drive. That kinda turned me off it...)

>- after pressing 'i' the dependencies are checked. problems with
>  the dependencies are shown by the resolve-screen, just as 
>  nowadays, but without the help screen.

I disagree. Dependancies (IMO) should not be checked until the user has
said, "Ok, I'm done." At this point should the dependancies be checked,
and problems presented to the user for resolution. This would be
infinitely less intrusive (again, IMO) than the current setup.

Just my $0.02.

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