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Status of threads and Debian.

There was some talk about threads and Debian a while back, and I just
wanted to see what the current sentiment was.  I know that pthreads is
part of libc, but it's not (as I recall) currently provided with the
system.  What's more, it has some outstanding bugs, and at least last
time I checked, the version that comes with libc is a bit behind the
latest release.

Anyway, the other major contender seems to be LinuxThreads.  It's a
kernel level implementation so you don't need all the glue code that
pthreads has, and it supports multiple CPU's.  It also seems to be
under more active development.

Anyway, I just wanted to see if we had any general plans toward making
Debian thread safe.  Aside from just picking a library, it would also
mean (at least with pthreads, I'm not sure about LinuxThreads),
recompiling other code (especially the X libraries) with the thread
safe headers (i.e. getc and putc are normally thread hostile macros).


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