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Re: Repost: POSIX 1387.2 (package-management)

I've heard that RPM and DPKG are far superior to POSIX packages.
So far, nobody is asking for them in the way they are asking for
POSIX.1 compliance, other than to say "have you heard of this,
or did you know this existed"?

If we ever had to do so, we could provide a POSIX package tool to
conform to the standard, however we probably would not ever want to
use it as our primary package tool.



From: Michael Gaertner <gaertnem@ruf.uni-freiburg.de>
> Ever heard of this "standard" for unix-package-management? How should we
> deal with this?
> How does one get a copy?
> http://stdsbbs.ieee.org/products/NumStat/NumStat11.html
> http://stdsbbs.ieee.org/products/press/catalog/it.html
> price: $72.00, 320 Pages ISBN 1-55937-537-X
> and as I found out there is also a correlated document bei X/Open 
> extending P1387.2:
> http://xoweb.xopen.co.uk/public/pubs/catalog/p429.htm
> price: $70, 429 Pages ISBN 1-85912-121-7
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