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Re: Installation ideas.

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

dwarf>1. Given a machine with a dos only partition with plenty of space on the
dwarf>disk and a cdrom that Linux can mount, I would like to insert my CD, copy
dwarf>some files to the dos partition, and boot up linux.
The new process will allow you to change into a directory on the CD and
then run install.bat and the system will come up. No need to copy files.

The minimal system that comes up should automatically detect the presence
of the CD and then install software from that CD.

dwarf>1. On a "pure" dos machine, you could still boot and use linux without
dwarf>impacting any partition structures on the machine.
That would be possible with a union filesystem to mount a live file system
on the CD. I could have a look at how the situation is with those patches.

dwarf>2. As the first step in an installation process that will result in a
dwarf>Linux partition, there is no need to work within a tightly constrained
dwarf>environment during installation. In fact, if the CD contained a "large"
dwarf>base system (including networking and all the other goodies needed for a
dwarf>"standard" installation) a simple untar of the file onto the created
dwarf>partition with minor editing of init stuff and rdeving the kernel to use
dwarf>the new partition as a root device would yield a two or three step
dwarf>installation process that never required a floppy.
The process outlined above already is not needing any floppy. I would like
to have a standard.tar.gz on the CD if possible that can simply be
untarred onto the new partition to get going.

dwarf>I would appreciate any input you can give me on this issue. I am also very
dwarf>willing to help with the "leg work" necessary. I have a CD burner and an
dwarf>additional "pure dos" machine for testing.
Oh. Good. Lets stay in touch. I am still waiting for Bruce to finally sent
me all this stuff. 

I hope I have addressed your issues. Gotta go. Please tell me if I missed

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