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Bug#4720: metamail -- show* shouldn't be necessary

Package: metamail
Version: 2.7-8

Metamail installs several entries into /etc/mailcap that really should not
be there.

At the very least, these should not be included:

    image/*; showpicture -viewer xv %s
    image/*; showpicture -viewer "xloadimage -view -quiet" %s

These should be installed by the packages that provide the "xloadimage" and
"xv" programs.  "showpicture" isn't needed at all.

Unless "showaudio" actually plays audio samples, it probably shouldn't be
there, either.

If the point of these is to allow saving to a file, then this should be
a last alternate to those types (add a "--comment" to the 'install-mime'
call saying so).  I can understand this, but that really isn't the point
to "mailcap".  That's the kind of thing the driving program should do
automatically if it can't find any appropriate programs to run.
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