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Re: lyx needs new maintainer

Michael Meskes <meskes@Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE> wrote:
>I need a new maintainer for LyX. There's one opne bug report that needs to
>be forwarded to the developers. However, since my net connection is very
>unstable (just email) I cannot do much. The latest version is 0.10.6-2 just
>uploading to ftp.infordrom.north.de:/pub/people/meskes. Not much changed
>since 0.10.6-1 just a recompilation to get the shared libs correctly.
>Stuart, could you take over at least as an interim until someone finds the
>time to do it regularly?

I can do it regularly; the problem is that at the moment, I'm swamped under
with assignment work. This will probably last until around the middle to end
of October; exams start on the 7th of November, but once the assignments are
clear, it won't be a problem.

I'll take it over; minor problems can be dealt with reasonably quickly, but
significant ones will have to wait until around the 18th or so of November.
Sorry, but university work takes priority. (I'll be here for at least another
three years - one to finish the B.Sc. in computing, the other two to finish
the B.E. in [probably] telecommunications. It's unlikely I'll drop Debian
development unless the university decides to block full Internet access -
which is looking more and more likely the way our current government is
cutting university funds. :-( )

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