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Re: Linux 2.1

Christoph Lameter writes:
-> Perhaps we should make our own 2.0.22 version since I know of a couple of
-> bugs that Linus did not fix. Most importantly the fix for the memory leak
-> in the bridging code (just erases one line) was not put into 2.0.21 and
-> some other reliability things that Alan wanted to get in but appearantly
-> did not.

This is not a good idea.  From following discussion on the kernel
list, a 2.0.22 is planned, and possibly other updates to the 2.0.x
series, if needed. Creating a rogue 2.0.22 would be bad form, not to
mention in bad taste, IMHO.  If there is a need for the patches, call
the patched version 2.0.21deb or something, or wait for 2.0.22.

Just my 2 pennies.


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