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Bug#4683: Apache sets up the wrong permissions

On Oct 3, 11:03am, Christoph Lameter wrote:
} Subject: Bug#4683: Apache sets up the wrong permissions
} On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Yves Arrouye wrote:
} Yves.Arrouye>   I just went through the conversion procedure. Nothing worked afterwards.
} Yves.Arrouye>
} Yves.Arrouye>   First apache complained constantly regarding the Transferlog until I remove the modules using that keyword.
} Yves.Arrouye>
} Yves.Arrouye>Why the module*s*? Only one such module should be used.
} Could the script check that? I really dont know much about apache.

It does in 1.1.1-6. It should have done in -5, but there was a typo :-(


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