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Applications menu for Fvwm

The newest Debian fvwm2 package includes the command install-fvwm2menu.
It installs a menu entry into the (default) fvwm2 menu structure. It
can also remove the entry. The purpose is that packages will install
an entry in their postinst script, and remove it in their postrm script.

The result: an Applications menu that is up to date.

if [ -x /usr/bin/install-fvwm2menu ]; then
    install-fvwm2menu --install Apps/MENU PROGRAM none 'TEXT' 'Exec COMMAND'

To remove:

if [ -x /usr/bin/install-fvwm2menu ]; then
    install-fvwm2menu --remove PROGRAM

MENU is a submenu below the Apps menu. To keep things coherent,
restrict yourself to one of Editors, Games, Net, Programming, Tools.
If you don't feel any of these are appropriate, or that one of them
starts growing too much, raise discussion on                          

PROGRAM is a unique identifier (usually the name of the program name).
Each entry is identified by this unique name so that it be manipulated
more easily.

TEXT is the text of the menu entry.

COMMAND is the command to start the program.                             

In my copious free time, I will be creating patches for some packages
to do this. I'll mail them to the maintainers and put them up at
<http://www.iki.fi/liw/debian/fvwm2menu/> for others to see.

If you want to try the new menus, you need to use the new default
fvwm2 setup. Do something like (untested):

	mv .fvwm2rc old-fvwm2rc
	install-fvwm2menu --install My-apps xterm none 'Xterm' 'Exec xterm'
	install-fvwm2menu --install My-apps xclock none 'Xclock' 'Exec xclock'
	restart fvwm2

(Don't use Apps instead of My-apps -- it doesn't work at the moment.
This'll be fixed in a later version.)

Incidentally, the new default setup is meant to be customizable
without having to completely override the system.fvwm2rc. The
point is that if a newer version of the fvwm2 package makes some
interesting changes, you will use them automatically. With the
traditional setups, you have to adapt your .fvwm2rc by hand.
Read /usr/doc/fvwm2/debian.README.sysrc.gz for more info.

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