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Re: Starting messages should have unique style

>> Hi folks!
>> I just discovered that the start up messages of Debian don't have a 
>> style. Some say
>> 	starting daemon xxx ...
>> (lower case `s' and dots `...') while others say
>> 	Starting network daemons: xxx
>> (upper case `S', colon, no dots) etc.
>> It would be nice if we had a "style guide" so that the different
>> packages could all use the same style. What do you think?
>Cool, I'm not the only one this bothered.  Let's change it.  Can 
>we?  Please, please!  B-)
Yes, this bothered my too. And, in fact I changed it on my box.
That's what I'd like to suggest:
 echo "Starting <daemon description>:"
 start-stop-daemon --start --exec daemon1 ; echo -n " daemon1"
 start-stop-daemon --start --exec daemon2 ; echo -n " daemon2"
 echo "."

(That's what I have now)


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