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Re: NIS storms

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> From: Christoph Lameter <clameter@fuller.edu>
> > - The group.byname database was completely read by other machines
> > continuously.
> > - The ypserv process was running most of the time and was not
> > able to satisfy all those requests.
> [...]
> > How can we solve this issue? Perhaps we should go back to the old approach
> > of putting users into one group?
> It doesn't seem as if this is solving the problem.
It never happened to us with the old approach.

> This is also an issue for /etc/passwd, not just /etc/group. Look what
> happens when you run "ls".
ls is requesting those uids gids neeeded I guess but does not do a
exhaustive search of all 600 users. /etc/group is special since an
exhaustive search has to be done to localize to which group a user

> Many system managers eventually conclude that NIS isn't worth the trouble,
> and they arrange to automaticaly distribute some of the files that NIS
> would otherwise serve. Implementing a local cache of NIS queries would
> help solve the problem as well.
Right now I am automatically distributing the groups file (once a day).
But this is really not the solution I have dreamt about. I am thinking of
modifying the c-library to not do NIS group searches.

NIS group searches dont work with NIS 1.20-1 under Debian anyways so I
should not loose functionality.

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