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Re: Problems with dselect...

jsp@betz.biostr.washington.edu (Jeff Prothero)  wrote on 25.09.96 in <199609251945.MAA09799@betz.biostr.washington.edu>:

> ->  Introduce the idea of a "Debian configuration" -- a
>     complete set of packages guaranteed to work together
>     and constitute a complete, usable Debian install,
>     and actively maintained by a Debian volunteer much
>     as packages are currently maintained.

Actually, this could be done with the current package system. Just Depend:  
on all the packages you want to have in the configuration. The package  
itself could be nearly empty (except for some minimal documentation, of  

You could even install several of these, as long as they don't conflict.

Add a section for configurations to the archive.

> Note:  It would be VERY nice if the above menu specified the
> amount of disk space required for each configuration.  It

I think this is coming anyway.

> would be even nicer if it checked available disk space and
> refused impossible installs.


Warning is ok, but refusing is evil.

MfG Kai

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