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Re: dpkg changes and queries - the answers to your questions

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Heiko Schlittermann wrote:

> : 3. Do NOT use Michael Meskes's patch to quote the argument to
> : $rootcommand in dpkg-buildpackage.  Instead, RTFM.  Please DO NOT
> : release a dpkg with Michael Meskes's patch.  Thank you.
> Hmm, I've changed it.  The default root command is now `eval',
> the lines are now read as:
>         withecho $rootcommand "debian/rules clean"
> If I did no mistakes it worked for me.

When I installed Michael's "quote patch" the next time I tried to run
dpkg-buildpackage I got was informed that debian/rules did not exist.
Removing the quotes got it working again.



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