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Re: dpkg changes and queries - the answers to your questions

Ian Jackson wrote:
: 1. Yes, dpkg-source doesn't work with hardlinks.  I think that
: hardlinks in source packages are evil.  Perhaps they can be made to
: work - Heiko's patch seems reasonable (until someone wants a filename
: containing the string ` link to ').  However, I'd recommend just

hmm ... but this seems not too often, at least less often then
the occurence of real hard links.

: removing the hardlink and replacing it with a symlink (or just
: deleting one name).  There is no problem with doing that, and it is
: fine wrt our policy about original sources.

The dpkg-source -b should scan for hardlinks and convert 'em.

: 2. I don't know what to do about tar doing nasty things to filenames.
: If this is a design feature of all tars then dpkg-source should be
: changed to unmangle the filename on output from tar.

I've done it.  

cpio returns iso conformant file names (e.g. with real umlauts), tar
doesn't -- it converts such umlauts to their octal representation.

A line 

        /\\/ and eval "\$_ = \"$_\"";

does the job on the mangeled (?) names from tar's output.

: 3. Do NOT use Michael Meskes's patch to quote the argument to
: $rootcommand in dpkg-buildpackage.  Instead, RTFM.  Please DO NOT
: release a dpkg with Michael Meskes's patch.  Thank you.

Hmm, I've changed it.  The default root command is now `eval',
the lines are now read as:

        withecho $rootcommand "debian/rules clean"

If I did no mistakes it worked for me.
(I've running a patched su (using SUPASS env., similar to PGPPASS).
(sudo needs absolute path names, super -- I don't know)

: 4. dpkg-name belongs in the dpkg-dev package.  If anyone is releasing
: a new dpkg they should move it.  See debian/rules.


: 6. Karl Sackett's fix for an error message typo (Bug 4524) is good.
: Heiko, please close the report if you like but definitely mail me the
: patch.

Ok, I'll mail you a diff against 1.4.0, including this
patch too.

: 10. Re dpkg-buildpackage and the failure to build due to permissions
: (bug 4525).  I'm inclined to say "don't build with a umask of 077
: then".  I don't think that all packages' debian/rules should be
: responsible for fixing the permissions of the created files.

The only files created by the debian tools (dpkg-*) are debian/files
and debian/substvars.  I've changed dpkg-* so now 
these files are chowned to getlogin().getgrnam(getlogin()).  I believe,
it's the most approbiate setting. (???)

: 12. llucius posts a patch to dpkg-buildpackage to make it pass -v, -m
: and -C to dpkg-genchanges.  His patch is not in line with my intent,
: and won't work when the arguments have spaces.  The call to
: dpkg-genchanges needs to read
:  withecho dpkg-genchanges $sourcestyle "$@" >"$chg"
: instead of the thing in his patch.  (Bug #4554.)

I'll have a look at it.

: I hope this is enough to keep you going for another week :-).

 :-) not yet.

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