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Bug#4561: dpkg-genchanges puts bad Maintainer: in changes file

'Yves Arrouye wrote:'
>Package: dpkg-dev
>Version: 1.4.0
>It appears that the Maintainer: field in control is ignored, so the
>Maintainer: field in the changes file is made with the name of the user
>calling dpkg-genchanges and the name of the host the file is built on.
>This is a problem, and in any case, the generated email address should
>use /etc/mailname (my host name, for example, cannot get mail because
>his real name and email names are different, even in different

Hmm, something else must be going on.  The mawk package I built and
uploaded didn't use the hostname either (which has been misconfigured
on my system as "syntropy.OnIt.net").

I think the solution is in dpkg-genchanges(1):
              Override or add an output control file field.  This
              option   is   understood   by   dpkg-source,  dpkg-
              gencontrol and dpkg-genchanges.

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