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Re: ae as default editor?

> However, I remember a discussion that, I believe, lead to this decision;  >
 can't remember all the discussions that have gone on here, there so
very very many. ;-)

> IIRC, it was the same idea that made ae (wrongly) essential - "all other  
> editors can be removed, so ae is a better fallback than vi".

Well, I imagine if one takes that idea further, one would say that ae
is the editor on the base disk because it is easier to use.  Because
it is on the base disk it has "recommended" status.  And so on.  

I think the real reason goes back to the fact that experienced users
can set their EDITOR variable, or handle ae.  New users won't be able
to handle something like vi, so we shouldn't dump them in it unless
they call vi themselves.


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