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Bug#4530: ld cannot find most shared libraries

David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> wrote:
>>This is (IMO) a bug in the upstream sources. (I'm not sure whether this
>>is confined to certain directories or not, especially since libc doesn't
>>have this problem.)
>This is the way ELF-ld functions at the moment (as far as I understand it).
>IMO the programmer's manual (chapter 12) should mention that you should 
>install the -dev packages, if you wish to compile something, since the 
>links are only
>contained in the -dev packages.

Ah. The problem is, I'm using the XFree86 3.1.2D libraries, with the server
currently at 3.1.2Ek (I think; can't remember the exact version.) These
libraries _don't_ come with such symlinks, and they aren't added by ldconfig
at any point. (that, as an incidental aside, is why vim 4.4 - when I get
around to finishing it off, and uploading it - won't have support for X
compiled in: incompatible libraries.)

This behaviour is extremely annoying, especially if I have to install some
other library that isn't available as a Debian package for some reason. (I
don't really have the time to maintain more packages - university work and
all that.) At least I can work around it.


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