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Re: proposal: pseudo source packages

[about xforms_0.81...]
>        xforms_0.81.tar.gz
>        xforms_0.81.dsc
>For the first 4 files it's ok.  But the latter?  Would somebody mind, if
>I'd remove the debian/ from xforms_0.81.tar.gz and create a
>xforms_0.81.orig.tar.gz and then the diffs for the debian changes only?

I'm really against the proposal of pseudo-source packages. If you don't 
have the source, it's useless to upload an essentially empty *.orig.tar.gz 
and confuses only potential downloaders. The debian-diff is enough; 
another possibility would be to write an xforms-install package as it was 
done with netscape. Then, the people with non-intel architectures would 
know that the
package is useless for them (at the moment) and wouldn't need to download 


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