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manpages depends on man?

I have some problems in packaging the italian manpages, and I would like
to hear your suggestion.
I'm sorry, it's a lot of stuff, but I'm new ...
I hope that these are not old questions.

I have created the package following what joey has done with german and
spanish ones, including suggesting the user to modify

Now I want to add a rule to make this simple update automatically.
The file /etc/manpath.config belongs to package man. Is there any
constraint against doing this automatic update from another package?

The man package also builds the /var/catman hierarchy to store indexes
and formatted pages. Formatted pages in other languages will not be
cached if you don't create a complete hierarchy under
/var/catman/<locale>  or any other dirpath used in /etc/manpath.config
Do you think I should add this hierarchy to the package?
And what do you think I should do if the man package is not yet
installed? (ignore the error|complain|create a dependency)

And also, the /var/catman hierarchy cannot be purged although it is used
only by man, because of the indexes and the subdirectories that are
built in it after the installation. How can I tell to the man package
that these are safe to be removed?
Anyway also the man package should do this (for the indexes).

Could it be worth to split the man package creating a new one for the
catman (later cache, when Quinlan will release HFS) and create
appropriate dependencies to it?

The xman program that comes in xcontrib doesn't understand locales.
Should I raise a bug?

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