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Bug#4543: libtiff3.deb is Missing! (so ImageMagick fails)


The libtiff3.deb package does not exist on ftp.debian.org ANYWHERE!

ImageMagick and libtiff3-gif both require the libtiff3 package.

*** My (kludgy) Fix ***
1. Add the libtiff-3.3-ELF.tar.gz package from sunsite.unc.edu
2. Create a symbolic link from libtiff.so.1.0 to libtiff.so.3

Jonathan A. George

P.S. the current version of libtiff is actually 3.4 from ftp.sgi.com.

P.P.S. Can I use zlib (used by several things) and libgr (for xv) at the
same time?  Dselect claims a conflict.

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