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Bug#4530: ld cannot find most shared libraries

Package: ldso
Version: 1.8.2-1

I've recently had problems linking programs non-statically with (e.g.) the
X11 libraries, etc. Static libraries are fine, shared have problems. Upon
investigation, and discussion with a friend, it appears that ld cannot find
files of the form:


etc. - there has to be a symlink libfoo.so for libfoo to be found. Upon
creating such symlinks, everything worked fine. (well, once I got rid of
the /lib/libc.so => /lib/libc.so.4 link, that is :-) Oops. :)

This is (IMO) a bug in the upstream sources. (I'm not sure whether this
is confined to certain directories or not, especially since libc doesn't
have this problem.)

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