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Talk at EurOpen.SE

It seems I will be talking at the EurOpen.SE meeting/conference
on October 24 and 25. I haven't made an outline yet, but I will
talk both about Linux in general, and about Debian in particular.
I will have about two hours.

Any suggestions of what I should talk about will be greatly
appreciated. Personal replies are preferred. I will publish
outlines as they develop for further feedback.

General idea is something like the following:

	what is Linux
	how is it different from other Unices
	distributions vs kernel
	how to get support
	commercial stuff
	examples of interesting applications
	plans for future
	where to find more info
	what is Debian
	how is it different from other distributions
	packaging system
	installation overview
	examples of interesting stuff
	plans for future
	where to find more info

I'll probably post a list of specific questions, once I start working
on this more.

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