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Rescue disk for Debian?

I'm looking for some kind of "rescue" boot disks for Debian. Actually I
would need it for an easy of doing a restore of my tar backups. (An easy
solution would be to include tar on the installation root disk, if there
is enough space left--a simple tar version would be fine.)

Sometimes it's necessary to boot from disks (i.e. via ramdrive) to fix a
configuration problem or to repair a filesystem. There once were a few
rescue disks on sunsite that had a kernel and a gzipped root file system
on a single disk, that contained a few utility programs plus their manual 

It would be nice if could create something similar for Debian. One could
use the installation boot disk and create a second "rescue" disk, that's
loaded in the ramdrive. So we could get about 2880MB if we gzip it. (I saw
that there is someone working on a Debian backup system. What's planned
for doing a complete restore?)

BTW, how is the maintainer of the boot/root disks?



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