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Bug#4513: libpng

llucius <llucius@millcomm.com> writes:
> Package: libpng1
> Version: 0.89c-1
> While building on the m68k arch, I received the following from dpkg:
> dpkg --build /bld/src/new/libpng-0.89c/debian/tmp ..
> dpkg-deb: building package `libpng1' in `../libpng1_0.89c-1_m68k.deb'.
> dpkg-deb: maintainer script `postinst' has bad permissions 644 (must be 
> >=0555 and <=0775)

I don't think this is a libpng bug---I just checked the original
version on my HD, and it is in fact 775.  I suspect that the version
of dpkg you're using (maybe all of them) is not correctly reassembling
the source by not making sure the perms are correct on the files that
are patched in.


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